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It begins back in the late 1960's, when the Spillane family watched an antique bicycle demonstration at a a county fair.  Jim Spillane, Sr., a machine shop teacher at a local technical school, was intrigued by the way the bikes were made and functioned.  Shortly afterwards, one of his sons purchased an original 54" Victor high-wheel and the whole family became avid Wheelmen and heavily involved in the restoration of antique bicycles.  After years of rebuilding old bicycles, the need for a reasonably priced new ordinary became apparent.  Several of Jim Sr.'s machine shop students, including Dave Pooler, combined their energy with Jim's knowledge and ability to produce  the bicycle known as The Whitney.  Mr. Pooler is still the proud owner of the first one. Named for the technical school were Jim Sr. taught, 'The Whitney' has been made for over twenty years by Jim and friends.  Many cyclists and Wheelmen have benefited from the Spillane family's commitment to build a high-quality Ordinary and professional repairs on original bicycles.  After years of building the Whitney bicycles, Mr. Spillane has encouraged us to continue the tradition here in Florida.  We use Jim Sr's part sources along with our jigs and fixtures to produce a bicycle we are proud to ride.  Deciding to change the name of the bicycle was difficult, but necessary to give the Spillane's Whitney it's place in bicycle history.  The name Victory was chosen in honor of the Victor used as the original Whitney bicycle pattern.

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