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Jimmy Spillane III

Alan Sneller

Diane Blake

  Alan was born and grew up in Michigan and  received his training in machining as a toolmaker for a casting company, doing auto related castings.
  He is an avid cyclist and antique motorcyclist and has done several "cross countries " on safetybikes and old motorcycles.
Being a machinist , interested in metal construction of all types, the interest in making bicycles had to follow. He started making 10 speeds from a homemade jig and as the interest in older bicycles increased it was followed up with the production of the Victory Highwheel.
  The association of the three main people in victory Bicycles is no accident. We all share the same love of history and  have the same love for cycling.  Each brings to the project unique talents that have jelled into a company dedicated to the  accurate reproduction of a great Victorian bicycle.
  Alan's other interests include, sailing, motor racing, antique motorcycles and almost everything else that moves under its own power, makes noise, and can be humanly assisted.

  A native Floridian, Diane grew up in sunny south Florida.  She spent many hours with her dad and brother in their well-equipped home machine shop , where  their projects ranged from refurbishing boats to building furniture.  Always an outdoor person, Diane owned a sailboat from the age of eight, exploring Biscayne Bay and racing regattas around the world.  When not on the water, she was riding her bike around Miami or working on it in the home shop.
  The tinkering with her own bikes led to jobs at several bicycle shops and wholesale bicycle parts distributors.  Along with her husband, Dan, they brazed together a number of tandems and custom single bikes, earning the reputation for being able to build or repair almost any frame.  A love of flying led to a job restoring antique airplanes back to flying condition. 
  Most weekend in the morning, she can  be found riding with daughter Michelle on a tandem with the Florida Freewheelers bicycle club.  In the afternoons, they can be found up in the air, flying around in an antique Luscombe or chasing clouds with the sailplane.

  Jimmy Spillane grew up and lives in Connecticut.  He has been a Connecticut certified mold maker for many years.                                                  He started building replica highwheel bicycles with his father over twenty years ago.        He enjoys cycling and is an excellent mold maker.  He enjoys making cannons and lamps. 
Jimmy can be found riding his Eagle (a highwheel bicycle with the small wheel in the front.) or fishing anytime.